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Reflection on my blog writing

I had never blogged in my previous studies, so when I first learned that we needed to write blogs, I was very confused. Because I’m usually not very interested in blogging, and I haven’t even read blogs written by others. Although the first attempt was very challenging for me, the experience was also very rewarding for me. At first I didn’t know how to start a blog, however, the courses about ‘Urban Design Seminars’ and ‘Principles and Practice of Urban Design’ helped me get a lot of inspiration and knowledge. In the process of blogging, I will summarize the knowledge taught by the teacher in the class and add my thoughts on what I have learned. Through blogging, I also have a deeper understanding and perception of urban design and related knowledge.I am very happy to have the opportunity to learn how to create a blog.

Blog team

In order to help us upload our blog smoothly, we organize regular blog meetings. We discuss a lot of things in the meeting, such as the basic layout of the blog, the cover design of the blog, some problems with blog writing and how we can revise these problems. Participating in meetings together brings together a lot of different ideas, which is also very beneficial for our blogging.


Challenges and vision

Through my blogging experience this semester, I learned that blogs are not like the academic papers we usually write. We also need to take into account that readers may not be proficient in the field, so how to express our views in plain language is also very important. How to use concise language to let readers who have no knowledge of urban design understand some knowledge of urban design.

First of all, I think I need to read more professional books to enrich my professional knowledge, so that I have more ideas when writing blogs, so that my blogs are more supported by professional knowledge and more readable. Allows readers to learn more knowledge through reading. In addition, in the future blog creation, I should add more illustrations and quotes to prove some facts to make my blog more credible and more deeply understood and impressed by readers.


Finally, I look forward to writing more meaningful blogs in the next semester. I will pay more attention to the expression of content in future blogs, and I will also learn more about urban design knowledge through different channels, such as book network and so on. I would also love to continue sharing more information on urban design with you in the future. Let us learn about urban design together, and I am very happy to communicate with you on the Internet during this time. I also learned a lot and learned about my own shortcomings in blog creation, which also pointed out the direction for me to improve my blog in the future. Looking forward to continuing to share my urban design ideas with you all on the blog in the near future.

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