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Reflections on my blog writing

Firstly, this is my first attempt at blogging, and it’s a great way to help us discuss and explore some of the issues. And we can offer advice to our peers. But I have had great difficulty in doing so. The level of my writing limits my blog. But blogging is also an excellent opportunity to help me improve my writing to a great extent.


What I have learnt


Firstly, blogging has improved my writing, certainly for me. I still need to improve more, but the blog is a good start for me to come to the water. Secondly, every lecture in this course has helped me to understand the scope of urban design better. As my background is in landscape architecture, our group encountered some design course problems. We continued to enrich our understanding of urban design with the lectures and content we all uploaded. From the scale of landscape to the scale of urban design. And I have also seen the research and discussion on issues in urbanisation, which has been very beneficial. Secondly, blogging is very accessible, and it doesn’t put me under academic pressure. But I am constantly thinking about what I should focus on in terms of my chosen topics. This approach is very good at allowing me to see things through a dialectical process. In addition, our blog meetings are organised from within the class and at each session, a new person leads the discussion and records it. This is very effective in helping us understand more people’s ideas and perspectives.


Challenges and the future


Firstly´╝î my posts are hardly up to an excellent academic standard, which I need to improve on urgently, although I have been trying hard based on the feedback from the conference. However, it still did not have the desired effect. Secondly, it was challenging for me to summarise the lectures or find the arguments. It was difficult for me to present a brief and intuitive viewpoint for the reader to understand. Therefore, for future blogging, I should pay attention to the way I write academic articles and enhance readability, such as illustrations and citations. I should continue to improve my writing skills by researching the literature and incorporating research into my blog. In addition, I should take care of time management and make full use of the rich resources of the university library. I should also try to chair meetings. This is also a very effective way to gain some leadership experience and learn to develop myself by listening to other people’s opinions and feedback.


Finally, I look forward to writing more blogs in the field of urban design, and I believe I will be able to write better and share some of my insights with you better through blogging. I hope I can contribute more to the site next semester and improve my writing in this way.

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