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Reflections on my blog

In my previous career I had not been exposed to blogging, and after I came here I started to try to embrace this new approach, which I think is very useful. I think it’s very useful because it allows us to talk about our understanding of a certain part of urban design. It also allows us to talk about our own design ideas and how to put new theories into practice. And we can also give advice to each other on the blog. It’s a good way to improve each other.
This semester has not been a smooth one for me. There were times when I encountered difficulties and areas that I needed to work through. But blogging and reading other people’s blogs has been a great opportunity to improve my understanding of urban design and my blogging skills.

I would like to start by talking about what I have learnt this term.
Firstly, I need to think about the content of my blog before I write it. In this process, I will revisit what I have learned and look for information about this content. My professional skills and my ability to express my thoughts through writing will be enhanced during this process.
Secondly, blogging requires me to use logic to analyse. In this process, I think about the project I am currently working on. I also gain new ideas and knowledge when looking at information and reading other people’s blogs. I can draw on some of them to a certain extent, which is very helpful for design purposes.
Thirdly, when blogging I can write about my own ideas in a very casual way. It also allows me to discuss with my friends and classmates. Our blog often organises meetings within the class. This helps us to write our blogs, but it also helps me to improve my ability to attend meetings and express myself.

Next I would like to talk about the challenges and the future.

The first is that I need to bring my blog up to a higher academic standard. At the moment my I can’t go deep enough for academic discussions. I need to communicate more with people and read more specialized books to enrich my knowledge in the future.

The second thing I need to do is to include some case studies and analysis when I blog about a concept or idea. This will make my presentation more intuitive and easier for readers to understand.

Point 3 is that I should add more illustrations and quotations to explain Some academic ideas and thoughts. This would make my blog more credible.

Finally I am looking forward to writing more blogs in the next semester and I will be writing future blogs with more focus on content and a better way to share my ideas with you. I will make more use of the resources available in the library and examples from the internet. I look forward to continuing to share my urban design ideas with you all on the blog in the near future. Contributing my own contribution to the website.

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