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Significance of public transport for sustainable urban development

With the expansion of the city and the growth of the economy, the traffic congestion and other problems in some cities have become increasingly prominent, which seriously affects the normal life of the people and the development of the city. Prioritizing the development of urban public transport is not only an inevitable requirement for promoting sustainable urban development and improving urban living environment, but also an effective measure to alleviate urban traffic congestion.

1. The significance of giving priority to the development of urban public transport

Bus Priority: A Shortcut to Improve the Utilization of Existing Road Resources
According to statistics, the road area occupied by every 20 bicycles or 4 cars is the same as that of 1 bus. Compared with cars, public transportation can transport the same number of passengers, save 3/4 of land resources, 4/5 of building materials, 5/6 of investment, air pollution is 1/10 of that of cars, and traffic accidents are 1/10 of that of cars. /100. The data is most telling, and the most efficient form of transportation is urban public transport. The priority of public transport is undoubtedly the first choice to overcome the intensification of basic contradictions such as serious pollution, energy shortage, congestion and congestion, more people and less land, and fewer vehicles and fewer roads.

Public Transport Priority: Objective Requirements for Urban Economic Development
A study by the World Bank shows that when the economic growth rate is slower than the growth of transportation demand, it is basically more than double. It can be seen that transportation is an important foundation for economic development. Urban public transport directly guarantees the orderly operation of urban economic life, and it is the first process of urban production. Therefore, urban public transport priority has become an important part of economic development strategies around the world.

2. The main countermeasures for the priority development of public transport

Establish and improve the system of laws and standards for urban public transport
Provide legal guarantee for the priority development of urban public transport, establish a sound system of laws and regulations, and speed up the progress of legislation. In terms of vehicle configuration, service quality, facilities and equipment, and station construction, construction is carried out in strict accordance with standards and services are provided. It is necessary to further improve the technical standard system of urban public transport. Establish and improve a diversified investment mechanism for public transport.

Comprehensively improve the technology level and service quality of the industry
Increase investment in scientific research, strengthen scientific basis and applied research on urban public transport, develop new types of means of transport, such as large-capacity express bus operation systems, with the characteristics of large capacity, fast and safe, and improve the technological content of urban public transport operations . At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of civilized industries, strengthen vocational skills and moral education and training, improve the operation efficiency and service level of urban public transportation, and ensure that residents travel in a comfortable and safe public transportation environment.

With the expansion of the urban construction scale and the rapid development of the national economy, the traffic problems in the city continue to intensify. Prioritizing the development of public transportation is considered to be one of the most effective and most important ways to improve traffic conditions, promote sustainable development of traffic and cities, alleviate traffic problems and improve transportation efficiency.

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