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The value I get from BLOG

In general, blogging has broadened my knowledge, and significantly improved my language ability, writing ability and thinking ability.

First of all, the themes of various blogs will make us think about different problems. Some problems are very international. Through thinking about these problems and sorting out materials, I have a deeper understanding of some international issues. Therefore, the field of vision has become more open.

Secondly, the experience of blogging has greatly improved my thinking and writing ability. Every time I write a blog, I need to think about the overall logical framework, which is very exercise my thinking ability. In the process of blogging, I also have a lot of insights into the skills of writing.

As for the content of my two blogs, my feeling is that I have a deeper understanding of urban development and environment. Our design needs to combine the two.

In addition, in the process of replying to other people’s blogs, I also learned a lot of other people’s views and thoughts, which is conducive to making my ideas more diverse and inclusive.

Therefore, I think the blog course has provided a lot of benefits to my learning process.

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