Hi, I'm Sangeetha, originally from Bangalore, India. I pursued my undergraduate degree in architecture in my hometown. Following that, I gained valuable experience practicing as an architect for two years, working on diverse projects ranging from residential and commercial spaces to public and industrial designs, along with ventures into interior design.

My passion for architecture leans towards minimalistic design aesthetics while incorporating a heritage-inspired look, blending modernity with traditional elements. This fusion allows for timeless and culturally rich architectural solutions.

During my professional journey, I discovered a growing interest in sustainability, especially in the context of the pressing climatic changes we're witnessing today. This newfound interest led me to embark on a journey of learning and exploring sustainable architectural practices, aiming to integrate eco-friendly approaches into my designs and contribute positively to the environment.

Currently, I am pursuing my master's degree, aiming to further expand my knowledge, skills, and expertise in architecture, sustainability, and innovative design strategies. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my experiences and newfound interests to create meaningful and sustainable architectural solutions for the future.