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I am overwhelming by the beauty, the history and the sophistication of the surroundings. I am thrilled to have found something that interest me very much to begin my career in Masters in Urban Designing. This is my motivation for pursuing my Masters in Urban Design.
I earned my Bachelor Degree on Architecture from KIIT UNIVERSITY, BHUBANESWAR, INDIA. This course gave me a thorough foundation of knowledge in Architecture. In my university I participated in several seminars involving architecture and design and Birla White Competition, and I attended several supplementary courses to attain certification in various workshops. I was also active in sports and cultural programme in my university, joining the swimming club in which I served as a leader and helped to teach new members. This experience in particular helped me to develop my leadership skill.
After completing my graduation, to gain more practical experience I started working for DESIGN+ SK BUILDERS company from July, 2020. In this company, I have increased my knowledge of Architecture, Interior Designing and planning. As a Project Architect I have worked on several designs which have broadened my understanding beautifully. I worked on managing and designing on-site projects for a bungalow, Beach Front Hotel at Digha, and some interiors projects. After a fruitful and successful 1 year I left DESIGN+ company and started doing freelance work, receiving two projects to work on interior designing, renovation of a residential house. Now I am working for SPACEMEKK DESIGNERS PVT. LTD. Company at pune. I would also utilize my spare time by occasionally working at my father’s company. All of these circumstances and opportunities gave me the confidence to further pursue my passion for the Design & Planning industry, moulding me into the young, budding Architect that I am today.