My name is Sumit Poriya, and I was born on September 6, 1998, in Rajkot, Gujarat (India). When I travel, I enjoy in-depth exploration. Daily updates on breaking foreign news are something I wish to know about. My parents raised me, and my older sisters were always there to give me advice. I have always loved experimenting with form and shape since I was a small child. My dad and I used to go around quite a bit. In high school, I found the exteriors of the nearby buildings and even Rajkot's historical places to be fascinating. I quickly came to the realisation that understanding and studying architecture is my passion and what I enjoy doing the most. According to what I understand, a wide range of traits are connected to architecture, including beliefs, culture, a person's relationship to the natural world, human psychology, materials, and a host of other important considerations. It doesn't matter if the architecture is beautiful or hideous; what counts is how much thought and care was put into it.