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Reflection on being a blogger

Harvest and Effective

Time flies and it’s the end of the semester. From the beginning when I was at a loss for words to write a blog, I can now clearly identify the points I am interested in during the lectures and courses, discuss them with the lecturer after class, search for related materials after class and finally express my thoughts and understanding in my blog. As a student of interior design in my undergraduate degree, this process has helped me a lot. I started to understand the scale of urban design and the relationship between buildings and roads, and to understand the steps and purposes of urban design step by step. The school also provided us with other teachers of architecture related to urban design to open up new perspectives on the city. From public space to neighbourhood design was of particular interest to me, so my individual discussions with Professor Ali Madanipour at the end of the class were very beneficial and provided me with information about everyday urbanism. After the class, I read The Urban Design Reader and other books which helped me in my later practice of urban design. I think the above are some of the things that I have gained through the course and are effective.


Insufficiency and improvement

During the course of the course I also found that I had some problems such as not being able to give my understanding of the course to the teacher quickly and promptly in class. I take a long time to think before I can make my own judgements and I lack confidence in communicating with my fellow teachers in class. Inability to articulate clearly what I want to say can lead to misunderstandings. I can’t immediately adapt to the urban design perspective of a project and like to pick up on the smallest details, my vision is still limited by interior design and I need to grasp the whole picture more holistically.


Conclusion and future

In my future studies, I think blogging is a good way to summarise and summarise some of the points that I am interested in and my thoughts and understanding of what I am studying over a period of time, and I will continue to do so. I think it’s great that I make new discoveries every time I write a blog. And I think this semester has been very rewarding. I have learnt a lot of information about urban design in the UK through the course, in the form of data, pictures, videos and so on. Design itself is about seeing and experiencing and I saw a lot of different things in it, which helped me a lot. I look forward to more surprises and different knowledge and information in the future.

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