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A day in a life of a south Asian student


Moving to a different country was a difficult, yet courageous decision I chose for myself. I left my comfort zone to learn, and experience other cultures. During the first week of September, I relocated to this wonderful city. The long-distance journey was exhausting. But the moment I saw Newcastle’s nightlife, it makes up for all of my fatigue and weariness. The Grey Monument is the first thing I saw when I leave the metro station. It was a stunning, huge standing monument in the heart of the city.


If you live independently, you are in charge of your happiness and well-being. My typical day begins with a breathtaking view of the courtyard. I went out to my lessons after completing my daily household duties and prepping my lunch. The city has a fairly cold climate, so I always dress warmly and comfortably. Construction is currently happening in front of my apartment. since I’m associated with the construction sector, I take a moment each day to observe the development of the building project.

sometimes, I consider it a good factor that I have to go through the city center to reach the university. On a regular basis, I encounter diverse cultures and their representatives. I always wonder how successfully the city core plays a role to accommodate people from all backgrounds in one location.


I can see the golden leaves falling, creating a carpet of yellow leaves in my path, as I cross the city center and approach the university. It is wonderful to witness my first fall in Newcastle. I still can not glance down while walking to class due to the surrounding buildings and architecture. Instead, it never stops surprising me with its enormous scale and unblemished beauty.


As soon as I reach my class, I interact with students who experience life, learning, and welfare from quite a different perspective. Insightful lectures, lively conversations, and some freshly brewed coffee from our building cafĂ© are all part of a typical academic day. I usually spend my lunch break in the old library, where I am currently polishing my linguistic competence. As soon as the class is over, my classmates and I head out. Observing the elegance of the campus, while also getting a clear view of the moon and the pristine building being bathed in the sun’s rays is mesmerizing.


while coming back, yet again I onlook the people. They were strolling, entering the store, purchasing fruits, and appreciating the street performers, while they were in their happy little world. Sometimes, on my way home I walk to near grocery shop named Graingers market, to buy some household items and groceries. once again, I witness the building progress at the end of the day, because it’s difficult to walk straight from the construction site. Sometimes, I also talk to the construction man, about the day-to-day task and progress.

As soon as I get to my room, I change and begin organizing my next few hours to make the most of the evening. This is the time when I typically do my laundry and other housework. After I finish my piece of work, I cook my dinner and complete any assignments and work for the next day.


I frequently visit the quayside Sunday market on the weekends. A well-known outdoor market selling a variety of clothing, fresh fruits, and vegetables from the countryside. They also serve delectable breakfasts. This past weekend, I had an entirely unique experience when I went out to eat a Chinese hotpot with some of my international friends. I got to learn about their culture and express some of my own ancestors’ ideals.


Sometimes in the evening, I love witnessing the sun drown near the quayside, which is magnificent. On the last note, this city is an utterly fascinating place. on the last note, I believe that coming to Newcastle and studying urban design is the right call for me. After living the foremost life, I look forward to many good opportunities and welfare in my future career.


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