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About my hometown

I have been studying at Newcastle University since September this year and I have been taking courses on urban design for some time now. I want to use my first blog post to talk about how my hometown has changed over the years from an urban design perspective.

My hometown, Shantou, is located in the eastern part of Guangdong Province, near the sea and across the sea from Taiwan Province. It has a rich history which makes it very interesting to learn. It also has beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, making it a great place to live. I grew up in Shantou, and in the 18 years I have lived in Deqing, I have seen it change from a small county to the bustling city it is today. This change happened right before my eyes. I think urban planning and design play an important role in this context.

In today’s old city of Shantou, Guangdong, there is an area of nearly 40 ha.

The area of the city concentrates on preserving the history and modern times of the city’s port opening a hundred years ago.

Prosperous historical memory. This area was founded in the 1930s

The completed small park pavilion (Zhongshan Memorial Pavilion) is the core, imitating the planning of Paris

The ring-shaped radial road network and surrounding areas have European and Southeast Asian styles

The arcade building complex in one, together constitute the core of Shantou’s port opening.

Area. However, in the continuous development and expansion of the city, this precious

Not only have the historical and cultural blocks not been properly protected and treated,

Instead, it was abandoned and destroyed almost destructively. Recently, Shantou

The government restarts the renovation of the small park and the old city that has been stalled for more than ten years

project to promote the construction of the small park area into the stage of substantial protection,

Let people see the dawn of the revival of the old city. Cultural Conservation in Urban Development

Inheritance and revitalization should become the core concept and spirit in the renewal of the old city

Soul clues, so that the urban context can continue to be passed on, and the urban business format can be

sustainable development.

The way the city is built and the way it is built about my hometown is interesting to me. I hope that during this year of study, not only will my community continue to grow, but I will also learn more about how to design cities. I also think blogging is a great way to learn because it gives us space to think about the lectures we attend each week and say what we think about them.

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