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Affordable housing: A more efficient and reasonable housing model


Affordable housing is housing which is deemed affordable to those with a household income at or below the median as rated by the national government or a local government by a recognized housing affordability index.

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Policy makers at all levels – global, national, regional, municipal, community associations – are attempting to respond to the issue of affordable housing, a highly complex crisis of global proportions, with a myriad of policy instruments.Affordable housing is of great importance to modern housing. The development and exploration of economical housing is a new argument of scientific housing.

3.Exploration and development

Affordable housing is currently in short supply in many European cities. Compelling models and a vision of the future are needed if demand is to be met. However, how can we reduce costs without limiting quality, while also meeting the needs of the population and the environment? This is what needs to be developed and discussed.

In the case of many Asian countries, they face the problem of housing a large population on a limited land area. Population density and national economic level determine the status and importance of affordable housing in many Asian countries. In the context of economic development, urban development squeezes the ecological environment. Centralized affordable housing is the solution to urban problems. It saves more land for the city, brings a certain buffer effect for the social economy, and also saves resources, which is a compatible development in housing sustainability.

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Under the current development trend, affordable housing must be indispensable, no matter in developed or developing countries. This is catering to a new generation of people. At the same time, affordable housing needs to be developed on a sustainable basis, which will be a good solution to housing problems, social and economic problems and environmental problems.


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