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Bustling city streets are filled with the sound of a tiger, the sound of your footsteps, as you walk through them, leeches into an orchestra that neither has harmony nor rhythm. The huge and high skyscrapers’ lights pierce into the night’s black expanse, sending a strange light cascading around the metropolis. Swarms of people flow through the gaps between skyscrapers looking like lone figures standing at the hub of an otherwise teeming world. Crowds line the streets, and the air hangs heavy with the smells from exhaust gases and steaming pots of food. Yet–though the noise is deafening and never-ending–there is still an inherent energy which runs through the city, a non-stop heartbeat that sends it forward into the night.

Academic Insight

Although the strategies to enhance the affordability and availability of housing were various. The central point was eventually to create areas connected to the urban pocket where social interaction could be present. Mixed-use developments and modular housing patterns seem to be the most effective and even brilliant. I have also noticed the fact that most of the urban spaces need to target diverse people. Overall, this semester has improved our understanding of how good design can solve modern urban problems. I learnt that sustainable and inclusive cities are not only desirable but also a necessity for a better future. This acquired knowledge will help me in the future to promote and implement urban design, which will primarily benefit human well-being and environmental conditions.

NEW EXPLORATION THESIS TOPIC (Urban Squares as public space in social life)

It is the most effectively used element of the areas designed as open spaces in urban design. It will be appropriate to design your project perception on this subject considering the case mentioned. While urban squares were an important “urban life focus” that formed the personality and identity of cities in the process. When we reached the point, the original value of the lands were lost as they were used as car parks. This is the main means of integration of a city.

The public “is a place where people can transfer their cultural knowledge and learn again. As the basic communication and interaction spaces before technology. The communication age, social history, is to my position that squares and the lives of individuals; have played an important place in the history of countries and societies in terms of socialization. This study evaluated the relationship between social behavior and the use of public spaces (squares) suitable for social life from a human perspective.

The blog topic and daily post also helped me increase my new blog post monthly research content skills such as writing and visual design. These are skills that will be beneficial to me in the future, especially in semester Three Of the course. In my design thesis and my planning and design career, as I will continue to expand on these abilities.

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