Hi! My name is Georgina Walker, and I am in my final year at Newcastle University studying on the Master of Architecture course. Urban Design was my chosen elective route as part of my stage 5 semester 2/stage 6 semester 1 optional modules.

To give you a little background information about me, I am originally from North Lincolnshire. However, I have spent the last 6 years at Newcastle University on a mixture of full time and part time basis, so I am very familiar with Northeast. I am currently employed and being sponsored by an architectural practice in Lincolnshire which I am very grateful for the opportunity to represent alongside my studies in Newcastle.

During my architectural and urban design studies I have developed an interest into child friendly cities and the intersection between this and heritage within the urban space. This year I am interested in exploring this intersection and how they can inform design today. These interests are what inspired me to study urban design alongside my architectural studies and to also encourage me as a designer to consider my designs at a wider scale.

Aside from my educational interests, in my free time I enjoy hiking and exploring new places alongside socialising with my friends and family.