I am Tejashree Navgire. I am an Architect and Designer by profession. I completed my bachelors from Pune, India. I was always a creative person during my school days, and I wanted to pursue my career in a creative field which allows me to nurture my creative side and also challenges me.
Architecture for me is a blend of placemaking, art, science and solution seeking. When I was pursuing my bachelor's degree, I took a keen interest in Landscape and Urban Studies elective. I was fascinated by the fact that
Urban Interventions shape the society, and the way various campus are designed. That is when I was sure that I wanted to pursue my master's in Urban Design.
As much I am interested in Art, Architecture and Urban Studies, I also take a keen interest to study, observe and to know about how the motor car racing circuits are designed. Hermann Tilke's work is one of the best examples for the same. Similarly, some of my interests is also include Music, doing Photography and Set Designing. I would always love it if I got an opportunity to work for a Race Circuit designing project or a Set Designing project along with Urban Design.
I am super excited to be a part of this course and University.