Zhang Yilin is a current postgraduate student at Newcastle University in the School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape.
She earnt a Bachelor’s Degree in Urban Planning from Suzhou University of Science and Technology. She entered a three-month internship program in Shandong Architectural Design Institute as an assistant in 2021.

•11/2020 Excellence Award in Wupenicity 2020 International Competition on Urban Sustainability Reports;
•02/2020 Third Prize for Rural Planning Scheme Contest for College Students majored in Urban and Rural Planning of National Higher Education Institutions; https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/-ANNnM85JMRBoOcj0MTrdQ
•12/2019 Zijin Award.Second Prize in Architecture and Environment Design Contest; https://www.iarchis.com/index.phpm=event&a=workswin&id=20&win=15
•03/2019 First Prize for Urban Design Assignment Appraisal for Urban and Rural Planning of National Higher Education Institutions in Year 2019.