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The United Nations data predicts that around 68% of the world’s population will live in cities or urban areas by 2050. Therefore designing cities well has the potential to significantly improve population and community health in the future. It’s crucial to have a suitable living environment for human well-being.There’s a growing demand for well-designed living spaces and communities due to these factors.

As cities continue to grow, various aspects like the size, basic facilities, architecture, and streets have improved. However this development has led to increased pollution, affecting our daily lives during construction and use. To create a healthier environment, methods should be implemented to solve pollution problems and find effective solutions. So that the goal is to balance development with creating a well-being environment for everyone.

Environmental pollution

Air pollution

Air quality effect is not only generated by vehicles but also is formed from chemicals.

Air pollution - Ozone, Health Effects, Solutions | Britannica

Figure 1:Air pollution from factories

Figure source:

Noise pollution

The Most Toxic Drivers In Europe | The Eco ExpertsFigure 2:Air and noise pollution

Figure source:

Water pollution

Water pollution is usually formed by storm water runoff or flooding.In addition more land are given to cars—more impervious surface is created.

Flood Products -- What Do They Mean?Fugure 3:Increasing common urban flooding

Figure source:

Life issues

Inactivity-sedentary lifestyle

Due to WHO ranks inactivity as the 4th leading risk factor for global mortality.That is about 3.2m people dead each year.Thus nowadays physical activity has drooped rapidly in developing countries and the drop is more dramatic.

Figure 4:The numbers of vehicles are increasing every year for people’s commuting.Human depends on vehicles in daily life.This also arouses the problem of inactivity.

Figure souce:

Inactivity and health

Lazy lifestyles in particular lead to increased obesity and overweight-40% of the world’s population is overweight or obese.Hence this leads to increase in heart disease,cancers,sight loss,amputation,etc-amount of unnecessary illness is huge.

Obesity Has Multiple Causes, Few Cures - ABC NewsFigure 5:Obesity is a global health issue

Figure source:

Solution for pollution and well-being problems

Even the problems of pollution and health have existed for years,human always find out various kinds of solution to react.

Electric vehicles

Generally electric vehicles are more quiet than fuel vehicles and lead to less noise.Meanwhile electric vehicles can decrease fuel pollution.

Tesla Model X 2018 P100D Exterior Car Photos - OverdriveFigure 6:Electric vehicles

Figure source:

Create greener envrionments

Greenspace is essential for recreation,restoration and social activities.Meanwhile many urban areas lack decent greenspace.

Fugure 7:View of the meadows

Figure source:

Lack of greenspace has been related with loneliness and vice versa.Therefore greenspace provides setting for and encourages social interaction which is benefital for mental health.

The Meadows, Edinburgh, Edinburghshire, Scotland | "The Mead… | FlickrFigure 8:Social activities on the greenspace.

(Figure source:

Facilication-greenspace and physical activity

Outdoor greenspace is important because it has different functions for outdoor and social activities.Consequently “Green exercise” is more benefical than exercise in other backgrounds.Thereby green space is correlated with reducing levels of obesity.

The Meadows in EdinburghFigure 9:Outdoor sports on outdoor greenspace

Figure source:

Outdoor sports:walking or cycling

Cycling is good for reducing air pollution and human’s health.Because cycling commuting reduce obesity and illness;also improve blood pressure.

Cycling numbersFigure 10:cycleways

Figure source:

Healthy new towns and villages

Figure 11:Eco village-Bicester Healthy New Town
Figure source:
All in all,well-being is the primary issue for people and the environment we contact everyday.So that it directly affects on human being.Although nowadays different kinds of polluted problems exists.While we still should find out various solution to solve them.In addition we have to create or keep our living environment well in order to be better for our health.

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