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Discuss About the Importance of Reading Space in A City

Author: Yihan He(Jason)


Reading space, which might represent a library, a quiet classroom, a table near the window, a public chair in a small road in the park. Theoretically, every place could become a reading space if you want. But it’s too hard.


First question: What is reading space?

I watched a video from the YouTube, Bill Ptacek, he said library is not a place, it’s a concept. There are 35 children who come from the poorest area, Calgary. You can’t believe that it is the happiest thing for them to wait for the library van every day. It shows that knowledge is really powerful and charming. Thus, I think reading space is where hope exists.

Figure1: Youtube Video, TED Speech by Bill Ptacek, published by 10th of October,2016 The library is not a place, it’s a concept. | Bill Ptacek | TEDxCalgary – YouTube


Second question: What consists of reading space?

As Bill Ptacek said in his TED speech, library is sustainable. It is the ultimate target of sharing resources. It is also the people’s university. What’s more, we can get the free speech and intellectual freedom. In the same way, reading space is also sustainable and it can share resources. People who stay in reading space can meet different people who come from different places, communicate with each other, and get broad information. As a conclusion, reading space has endless possibilities.


Third question: Why should we need reading space in a city?

As we know, every city has an urban library to provide people to read and communicate. However, a quite amount of people don’t take the initiative to stay there because of many reasons, such as heavy workload, fickle heart and so on. What’s more, if we lose these sites, city will lose the vitality, even the relationship of neighborhood will get worse. Therefore, we should attach importance to build these resiliency spaces.


Last question: how can we create meaningful reading space?

I believe the most important point is people, especially for children. Thus, we need to pay attention to children space, cultivate since childhood.

Figure2: Photography by Peter Mauss, photographer, transformed classroom into a library, 23rd of June,2017 How to design a library that makes kids want to read | Michael Bierut – YouTube

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