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I travel, I enjoy in-depth exploration. Daily updates on breaking foreign news are something I wish to know about. I have always loved experimenting with form and shape since I was a small child. I quickly came to the realisation that understanding and studying architecture is my passion and what I enjoy doing the most. According to what I understand, a wide range of traits are connected to architecture, including beliefs, culture, a person’s relationship to the natural world, human psychology, materials, and a host of other important considerations. It doesn’t matter if the architecture is beautiful or hideous; what counts is how much thought and care was put into it.I have gained a range of experiences while pursuing architecture during my bachelor’s degree, including the capacity to function well in a group while at times exhibiting individualism. I was able to understand construction procedures thanks to ¬†variety of useful topics, including building construction. The humanity module, which described the customs and faiths of humans, was also immensely educationa. I then started working as an architect in Rajkot on my own project. Due to its status as a developing country, India faces daily challenges like overpopulation, urban sprawl, increasing car traffic, a subpar transportation system, a shortage of housing options, and many others. After extensive discussion with alumni, faculty members from the university, and even licensed architects, I have decided to seek a master’s degree in the field of urban design in order to expand my knowledge in that field. First, while pursuing my undergraduate degree, I worked on numerous Scale projects that required me to analyse and address complex urban issues. The creation of an all-encompassing strategy for urban planning and design has become simpler as a result. It strives for a better environment, which entails better living circumstances, better people, better way of life, and a better planet in which to live. Urban designers and planners are needed in large numbers in developing nations like India to establish public areas and address issues. The choice to study in the UK was made in order to receive a top – notch education from renowned institutions. UK degrees are of the highest calibre, assisting you in job preparation and success. With educational institutions that consistently rank among the top in the world, the UK boasts a better standard of education. The short, adaptable courses offered by UK universities are designed to help you maximise your learning as rapidly as possible. I have examined numerous colleges’ MA Urban Design courses, but your program’s structure and module layout really caught my attention. My desire to reach my career goal is the driving force behind your organisation. To do this, I plan to increase my knowledge of architecture and will do thorough research that produces dependable and publishable outcomes. Additionally, the university offers top-notch instruction together with first-rate facilities for infrastructure. Newcastle University is a business and professional-oriented institution. Newcastle University bridges the gap between learning in the classroom and gaining significant industry experience by offering a wide range of profession-focused programmes¬† and facilities that are meant to strengthen students’ abilities and assist them in achieving their future career aspirations. The university also imparts a variety of useful vocational skills by having students work on actual problem-solving projects. Additionally, the university offers volunteer opportunities to foster empathy for society and self-confidence. Students can participate in sports and other academic activities throughout their academic careers, which will aid in their overall growth. Skilled managers must be able to operate in a global organizational structure given how connected the globe is now. I will improve my practical skills, broaden my academic knowledge, and increase my understanding of global architectures and research by enrolling in the MA ¬†urban Design programme. I’ll increase my knowledge in a few new areas, such as sustainable design and construction, project management for health and safety, and construction financial management. Recognize the moral requirements, regulations, and dilemmas. I will educate myself on effective management techniques and employee motivation strategies. Discover the creation of sustainable infrastructure. Look into the morals, traditions, and governmental systems of many cultures. Encourage my knowledge of architecture and flexibility. I would like to expand my expertise in order to answer the needs of people on a more general level. I want to investigate how I see people’s conduct in public areas, including how these areas are used in a variety of contemporary contexts and how they are incorporated into daily life.

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