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Urban Design and People’s Wellbeing

Individual peace in the world is not just a personal matter but concerns the entire society. It is alarming to see that a large percentage of the working population is affected by stress-related diseases. Addressing the root causes of these problems is crucial not only for individuals but also for the overall productivity and well-being of society. Therefore, restoring the peace and balance in which we live becomes highly important. Statistics show that the impact of work on our physical and mental health cannot be ignored, and action is imperative to create a healthier workplace for all.

Many studies have found that buildings have a significant impact not only on organizational efficiency . But also on people’s well-being. So, the key question to address is how we improve our mental health through workplace design. Perhaps it’s time to consider architectural design as a distinct employee benefit that significantly contributes to their health and well-being.

Furthermore , many studies on urban design and mental health have found that even small improvements can reduce stress . Particularly It can promote well-being and help prevent a range of mental health conditions while increasing productivity . Secondly , People’s urban lifestyle is surrounded by pollution, traffic, overcrowding, population and overwork. As cities grow, the burden on the urban environment also increases.

Solution :

Citizens must openly discuss and endorse the possibility of creating such a place within the modern urban fabric. This involves revitalizing mental health through entertainment and integrating happiness as a fundamental aspect of our lives. Furthermore, individuals need to grant themselves a break.

The combination of buildings and public spaces defines the place. Large public spaces constitute the living rooms of cities – where people gather to relish the city and each other. Additionally, public recreation spaces contribute to enhancing urban life quality. They are the stage and background of the drama of life. It includes everything from large central squares and plazas to small community enterprise parks.

Recreational Wellness Centre :

Consider a recreation and fitness centre as a stage for several activities belonging to a specific area or an external community. This includes indoor and outdoor activities. The traditional view is that entertainment. helps to “recharge” and thus improve work performance. Work is an activity that is usually performed out of economic necessity, useful to society and organized within economic frameworks.


Research shows a positive correlation between people’s well-being and job satisfaction with buildings, a strategy many companies now implement. Common green building features include:

  • Advanced circulation and mechanical systems increase airflow.
  • Low toxicity building materials and furniture.
  • increased contact with the natural environment
  • Increased attention to the construction, maintenance and operation of buildings to reduce the accumulation of bacterial substances.
  • Green spaces and other leisure solutions increase urban standards and extend in innovative ways.
  • The inclusion of vegetation in parks, playgrounds, or public and private spaces constitutes a central part of these approaches. It can assist in offering urban residents ample opportunities to connect with nature, preserve and protect the diversity of cities, enhance the standard of living in urban areas, and improve population health and overall well-being.
  • Active uses a perimeter to activate a room. Together they form gathering places that bring people together.
  • Beautiful architecture and spacious public recreation spaces create extraordinary places to live, expressing a rich, traditional way of life and ways to achieve personal happiness in society.

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