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Housing Blogging Reflections

Throughout my time at Newcastle University, I embarked on a blogging journey that proved to be both interesting and enlightening. In the first semester, I initially found myself feeling uncertain and confused about the process of writing a blog. However, as the semester progressed, I gained a clearer understanding of the mechanics involved and grew more confident in my ability to effectively convey my thoughts through this medium.

Although I encountered some initial challenges, one thing I was certain about was my desire to explore topics related to our module on housing alternatives. With this focus in mind, I decided to center my blogs around various housing typologies, delving into the diverse options available for alternative housing solutions. This thematic approach allowed me to immerse myself in the subject matter and expand my knowledge in this area.

One of the most memorable aspects of my blogging journey was the opportunity to work on a housing project in Gateshead, Newcastle. This hands-on experience provided me with invaluable insights and taught me new concepts and methodologies in housing design. I discovered that designing housing in the UK, with its cold climate, presented unique considerations and challenges compared to the housing projects I had previously undertaken in India. I had to adapt my design approach to account for factors such as insulation, heating systems, and energy efficiency. It was a valuable learning experience that broadened my perspective on housing design and exposed me to new possibilities.

Additionally, my understanding of co-housing was greatly enhanced through a trip to Cambridge, where I had the opportunity to visit Marmalade Lane. Witnessing a real-life co-housing community firsthand gave me a profound understanding of its benefits and inspired me to incorporate similar principles into my own housing design. I was captivated by the sense of community and shared responsibility that co-housing fostered. It made me realize the importance of social interaction and collaboration in creating vibrant and sustainable living environments. Drawing inspiration from the concept of “wada,” an ancient form of co-housing in India, I sought to integrate its communal aspects into my designs, promoting a sense of belonging and togetherness.

The process of blogging itself was a valuable learning experience. It allowed me to refine my research skills as I explored different housing typologies and gathered information from reliable sources. It also challenged me to think critically and articulate my thoughts effectively. Through the process of writing, I not only solidified my understanding of the topics but also developed my own unique perspective.

Moreover, blogging provided a platform for me to share my insights and contribute to the discourse surrounding alternative housing solutions. It was gratifying to know that my blogs were reaching a wider audience and potentially inspiring others to think creatively about housing design. The feedback and engagement I received from readers further motivated me to continue exploring and sharing my ideas.

As I reflect on my journey, I am grateful for the opportunity to engage in this blogging experience and the growth it has afforded me. The skills and knowledge I have acquired will undoubtedly prove valuable as I continue to pursue my passion for housing design and contribute to the field in meaningful ways.

In conclusion, my blogging journey at Newcastle University has been a fulfilling and enriching experience. From the initial uncertainty to the growth and confidence I gained along the way, it has been a transformative process. Exploring housing alternatives, incorporating co-housing principles, and sharing my insights through blogging have broadened my horizons and shaped my perspective on sustainable and community-oriented housing design. I am excited to carry these lessons forward as I continue to learn and contribute to the field of architecture and urban design.

Visit to Cambridge, Marmalade Lane.
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