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My childhood desire has always been to study abroad. After earning my bachelor’s degree, I began making plans to study in the UK. Now that desire has come true, I overcame several obstacles in the interim. I believed that leaving one’s comfort zone to try something new was not very tough, which is precisely what I did. In September 2022, I relocated to Newcastle, England. I explored the city and experienced new culture.


Tyne River is the city’s most alluring location in my opinion, therefore when I initially got here, I spent my first day there. I have never seen a pedestrian bridge as lovely as the Millennium Bridge. The people in the city are quite kind and friendly. I’ve travelled to a city’s outskirts and observed Angle of the North, which is a popular tourist destination with lots of open area for amusement. Aside from that, my first live stadium experience was watching a football game at St. James Stadium. It was a moment I will never forget.

My eye was streaming with tears the first time I saw an Indian grocery store close to Newcastle, and it reminded me of home in the middle of the city. Being an Indian student, it might be challenging to get Indian cuisine. Grainger Market is where I can get excellent food like chaats, pizza, and other Indian street food. Additionally, I discovered several Indian restaurants serving a range of Indian cuisines close to Tyne Bridge.

That’s not enough about the city, but the city has several ritualistic locations including Hindu temple, Iskcon temple, and Gurudwara that give off the impression of a tiny town in India. As a result of Newcastle’s abundance of Indian culture, I never had homesickness there, and I strongly recommend students to go there for their studies and to experience the city’s diverse culture.

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