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First impressions of the course:
My first impression of the course is that it suits my present personal
circumstances and has content which matches a lot of my
requirements in specific areas and parts I want to learn and develop
further in Urban Design.
The course is pitched at an academic level which I am comfortable as
well as challenged with my current knowledge and experience and
will allow me to appreciate the importance of Urban Design and the
use of form, function the use of space and environment to create
harmonious living conditions for people and the use’s design
techniques, tool and dynamic relationship between the numerous
factors I.e. space, light, movement, Change , ecology, air etc.
What Urban design to me:
The prime function of Urban Design is the design of features cities,
the technical design of the features taking into account the user
experience, how the life of user is enhanced by interacting with the
features, forms and functions of the design and sustainability.
The focus of design in this context is how people move in the built
environment and the design features of the cities, technical design of
the features, the user experience, the use of imagination and the
drive of the designer to design features that enhance the living
experience of the users.
Where Urban Design lies in my profession :
Presently, my profession deal with the design former functional of
furniture design and place design by the use of design tools, this is in
contrast with urban design this is smaller scale. Urban design is uses
larger spaces and different is in the magnitude of space use and the
human interaction in that large environment.
As I have experience working in interior design in international
companies and I have a creative imagination, drive and interest in the
areas of innovation, novel design and development of functions,
features and positive attributes made to enhance the user
experience having lived in different cultural and geographical
environments. I am appreciative of different features and design to
allow the use of space to enhance different elements to enrich the
living experience of future users.
In addition to the cultural and urban development taking place in
the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, new projects coming up new Vision
2030, I can use my skills of urban design to enhance my knowledge
and add to further develop imagination and people have better
urban spaces to live in with a positive and sustainable environment.

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