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In my opinion, urban design is a comprehensive discipline which has a close relationship with architecture, interior, landscape, urban planning as well as other majors. When I was a child, I had a strong interest in architecture and history. And as I grew older, my interest became stronger than the old day.

Therefore, after completing my college course, I began to borrow and read many kinds of professional books in other fields which could help my to explore what kind of sparks could be generated by the intersection of multiple majors. In a large-scale renovation project, I followed my teacher to conduct an in-depth investigation of the project site. During this inspection, I realized that the humanities, history, economic development and the local infrastructure construction will have an decisive influence of the regional architectural style, street direction as well as the city planning.

Through this project, I realized that I still have many shortcomings. That’s why I chose to study urban design in Newcastle.

When I first saw the course syllabus for the Principles and Practice of Urban Design (MAUD) which also called TCP8090, I thought it was a totally theoretical course, but I was wrong. Without teaching various theoretical knowledge, this course also has some interesting practical classes —- creating our own websites and blogs. I have to say, this is really unexpected, but it makes perfect sense when you think about it. Urban design is a subject which not only needs to consider the architectural structure and transportation facilities of the streets, but also think about the climate, psychology, pollution, population as well as other aspects. Through this course, I could exchange my ideas with other people from many aspects, refine my thoughts, gain a deeper understanding of this course, and integrate it into my future design projects.

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