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Through my undergraduate study in landscape design, I’ve come to deeply understand the impact of design on the environment and communities. This impact goes beyond aesthetics, shaping people’s lifestyles and optimizing community functions. It was this realization that prompted my shift from landscape to urban design.

In my view, urban design isn’t just about the layout of buildings and roads; it’s about the vitality, sustainability, and well-being of city residents. With careful planning and design, cities can become engines of social interaction, cultural exchange, economic development, and environmental conservation. Every decision in urban design directly affects the daily lives of community members and the long-term development of the community.

My studies in landscape design made me appreciate the harmonious coexistence of natural and man-made environments. However, as my experience grew, I yearned for a deeper understanding of this field, and my current major offers me this opportunity. Urban design has a broader scope and greater impact. It focuses not just on individual spaces or buildings but on the entire layout and development of cities, presenting greater challenges and opportunities. Urban design offers the chance to make a significant societal impact. Whether it’s improving public spaces or promoting community inclusivity and sustainability through design, these are goals I aspire to achieve.

In the field of urban design, I hope to combine my background in landscape design with new urban concepts to create spaces that are both beautiful and functional. Although urban design is somewhat challenging for me, due to my limited work and practical experience, I look forward to learning more design theories and practical knowledge. I’m excited to participate in more challenging projects in my future studies and designs, contributing to the creation of more livable and sustainable urban environments.

In summary, although I’ve transitioned from landscape to urban design, my core philosophy remains the same: to improve the environment and the quality of life through design. I hope to design more meaningful projects with what I learn, driving future urban development, promoting better city layouts, and fostering harmony between humans and nature, all to contribute to building better urban environments.

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