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Ice Breaker: Designated for Human

Born during the late 20th Century, a peak period of modernism in a developing country. I have witnessed the revolution of urbanism in a main city. People migrate from the village to the city looking for job opportunities mostly in factory work. The industry of the country shifted from agriculture to manufacturing. The former Prime Minister who imposed the policy widely across the country had the vision to see his country as a manufacturing country which he defined as a ‘developed country’.

The urban fabric of the main city has worsened when we enter the 21st Century. This is because of the excessive thinking towards modernism and bad urban management. The city is moving towards a car-centric city to the extent the infrastructure is designated to benefit single-user transportation. The infrastructure includes house design, road framework and parking lots. Everyone has been ‘forced’ to learn how to drive or at least ride a motorcycle to their destination. It is considered a peak of failure in urbanism.

Figure 1. DASH Expressway (The Vibes, 2022)

I am here to learn and promote what I believe. The world belongs to us and not to machines that give more disadvantages to us physically, psychologically, environmentally and financially. I believe that I am on the right path to studying human rights in urbanism and contributing towards a better urban lifestyle in the future, especially in my hometown.

Figure Reference

The Vibes (2022) DASH Expressway records the first fatality. Available at: (Accessed: 8 November)

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