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Ice Breaker – Vaneti Lativa

Studying urban design is a deeply personal journey for me, derived from my fascination in the built environment and how to contribute meaningfully to the design of the city itself. These are my commitments on the program:

  • Curiosity and Observation

From a young age, I have been captivated by the architecture of the cities around me. The streets, the different architectural styles, the connection between human and the built environment sparked my curiosity about how urban spaces can influence our lives.

  • Passion for Creativity

I can get drowned in my own thoughts about how the cities should be shapes. It is a complex matter and I like to think about the aesthetics, functionalities, and ways to improve our well-being. That is because I am driven by a sense of responsibility to contribute to the design of future cities.

  • Impact on Quality of Life:

I believe that the design of our urban spaces has a profound impact on our collective well-being. The layout of a city, accessibility to green spaces, and the quality of public infrastructure directly influence how we experience our day-to-day lives. I am motivated by the potential to contribute positively to people’s quality of life through thoughtful urban design.

  • Social and Environmental Responsibility:

The field of urban design offers a unique platform to address pressing social and environmental issues. By adopting sustainable and inclusive design principles, I see the opportunity to contribute to the creation of cities that are not only resilient but also socially just and environmentally responsible.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach

Urban design provides a unique intersection of various disciplines, from architecture and planning to sociology and environmental science. This interdisciplinary nature sounds appealing to me because in the design world, we need to think holistically about everything.

  • A Vision for Inclusive Cities

My study of urban design is based on my vision that cities can be inclusive, accessible, and accommodating for all members of society. I am driven by the belief that well-designed urban spaces can break down social barriers and create environments that celebrate diversity.

In conclusion, my journey into urban design is like a personal quest for me to understand, contribute, and shape the urban landscape. It represents not just a study and career choice but a commitment to making a positive impact on the way we live, connect, and breathe in the cities we can call home.

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