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The city I live in has some unsatisfactory infrastructure construction, coupled with the city was deeply affected by the haze some years ago, so I deeply appreciate the impact of the human environment on life, and thus developed a desire to improve the area where I live, so I chose to major in urban and rural planning in my undergraduate degree. Throughout my undergraduate studies, I found that I was more interested in spatial design. As a result of my personality, I am good at finding problems, paying attention to the subtle changes of things, enjoying challenges, and interested in new and strange things. I like the feeling of having a bird’s eye view of the city, and I am very interested in the urban form. Urban design can bring some of my design ideas and thoughts into reality, realise them and make them concrete, so that they don’t only exist in my mind. Of course, apart from design itself, there are many theories about the city that are now fascinating me to a great extent. The interdisciplinary nature of urban design fascinates me.
I see urban design as an interdisciplinary profession that focuses on the structure of the city, the urban landscape, the use of public space in the city, and so on, with the aim of addressing the growing needs of people through the means of design, so that the city can better serve the people. Each step in the process of identifying problems, exploring issues, formulating hypotheses, and making proposals is interesting and crucial when undertaking an urban design, and any step made is a great contribution to the society. It involves many disciplines, history, geography, maths, computers, art, etc. It covers all aspects of human science, technology, living habits, etc. It’s the most interesting profession, and it’s one that once you fall in love with it, it’s hard to get out of it.

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