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Background of my undergraduate programme

I believe that enhancing the environment in my hometown would be extremely beneficial to me. The smog that has afflicted our city for the past few years, in particular, has made me recognise how profoundly the environment influences my life. As a result, during my undergraduate studies, I chose to major in Urban and Rural Planning.

The reasons for my decision to pursue urban design

During my undergraduate studies, I found myself more interested in spatial design. By nature, I am good at identifying problems, paying attention to the subtle changes of things, enjoying challenges, and interested in novelties.

I like the feeling of having a bird’s eye view of the city. All things considered I am very interested in urban form. Urban design can turn some of my design concepts and ideas into reality, realise them and make them concrete. Of course, there are many theories about the city that now appeal to me to a large extent. The interdisciplinary nature of urban design fascinates me.

My first impressions of urban design

In my opinion, the purpose of urban design is to utilize design to better meet people’s needs and make cities more useful. Solving problems, exploring issues, and making recommendations are all essential. Each of these is extremely beneficial to society. It covers a wide range of fields such as math, computers, geography, history and art. It covers all parts of technology, humanities and behavior of life. In addition, it is the most fascinating job and once you fall in love it is hard to leave.

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