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Urban design is about design or plan in various places such as in cities or countrysides,.In these places, roads, buildings, blocks, parks, neighbourhoods and so on are all included in the fields of Urban Design.Urban Design is an approach to the design of buildings and the spaces between them that focuses on specific design processes and outcomes.In other words, Urban Design is an overall major in the Architecture which means it includes various aspects and knowledge of every major in Architecture.Urban Design is a field between Architecture,Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning, but also it covers all 3 aspects.The aim of Urban Design is eager to creating suitable urban environment for residents living and fusing the relationship between 3 majors, which is the first impression and comprehension about this major.When I decided to apply for this major ,I hold the opinion that Urban Design is the comprehensive major in the fields of Architecture. It’s not the same as urban planning because urban planning mostly talk about principles in designing city areas, but also dislike architecture or landscape architecture because urban design does not put emphasis on only one aspect like buildings or parks.When I was approved for studying Urban Design in here,I believe that I will learn more knowledge in design and open my mind in the field of Architecture.

Somebody believes that urban design is one of the major from Architecture so that urban design is mostly about how to arrange building in the city.Like I said before ,Urban Design is a more comprehensive major, it is including landscape design, urban planning, civil engineering, and municipal engineering.In design,Urban Deign is an interdisciplinary field that utilizes the procedures and the elements of architecture and other related professions.Urban Design includes larger scale than even Architecture and Landscape.My major in bachelor is Landscape Architecture, when I was in college ,what I only care about or emphasize on how to design landscape.It’s a good chance for me to learn more new knowledge on Landscape Architecture and design ,maybe through studying Urban Design I will open my mind and sights about overall design the whole area and coordinating architectures and landscapes with urban areas.During studying Urban Design,I will have different viewpoint about designing.

In my opinion,Urban Design is a bridge which connects architecture, landscape and urban planning together.In the Landscape, Urban Design can arrange places and areas for designing landscape, also combine landscape and architectures.It’s not only about “urban design lies within landscape architecture” that urban design need landscape because one of goals of urban design is to change environment for people living better and offer them a marvelous scenery improving residents’ mood and mental health, but also landscape should depends on urban design in order to display more graceful scenery for residents reasonable.In classification landscape and urban design are separately majors, while both of them cannot exist alone by themselves.

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