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When I read the course description of TCP8090 for the first time, I thought it would be a theoretical course, but after the first day’s lecture, I found it was a course that required us to create a website, which felt like a very interesting course. But it’s an area that I’ve never been in before, and it’s a new kind of area that I’ve never been in before, so it’s a new kind of thing to try.

I have been to many cities, and in every city I visit, I observe the urban design and discover their characteristics. I find that the design of each city is related to the local climate, environment, history, etc. I have been ready to explore the relationship between them, so it took no hesitation for me to choose Environmental Design as my major of undergraduate study as the urban design-related subject is a combination of nature, architecture, and art, which could be my life-long pursuit.

Urban design requires its professionals to have knowledge of urban planning, architecture and landscape, as well as research into climate, politics, economics and the current and future development of society. This is what makes for successful, forward-looking and sustainable urban design. Urban Design, Landscape Urbanism, Smart Cities, Health and well-being, etc. It explores the complex reality of cities including elements of urban development theory and policy. I believe that with all my studies and training I will be able to integrate sustainable development, green building and landscape environment into my urban design projects.

 With the accumulation of theories, I participated in several design projects in rural areas led by my tutor. I did site research, interviewed local residents, got familiar with landforms, measured the areas, and recorded the surrounding environment to prepare for our design works. In the process, I realized the meaning of teamwork, that is, everyone is responsible for a section, and everyone works under the same goal rather than individual taste. Besides, I am improving my hand drawing skills and program-based abilities by joining practice projects in urban design.

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