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Icebreaker: My views on urban design

  • Reasons for choosing this course
    The first time I came into contact with urban design was when I was a sophomore in college. At that time, the college required us to choose our own studio. I just thought that urban design covers a wide range, including architecture, landscape and other small elements. At the same time, I learned that the school arranged for a teacher who graduated from the University of Manchester’s urban design master’s degree to work in the urban design studio. Thus, my journey of urban design began.
  • My opinion on urban design
    After I truly came into contact with urban design, I found that this major was a very difficult course. First of all, students are usually more exposed to architectural design, even community design is already a very large area. However, urban design is much more than that. Secondly, in the process of building the model, due to our lack of actual experience. We often cannot control the ratio of people to buildings or other objects. Finally, we also need to memorize the plant configuration tables in different regions and the materials required for different buildings and the prices of these materials.
  • Employment prospects for urban design
    I think urban design is a very comprehensive profession. At the same time, after we graduate, its employment scope is also very wide. We can apply for urban design, but since many domestic cities have been renovated, the demand for the corresponding positions may be very small. Secondly, we can also apply for landscape design. Architectural design in our country needs people who have a bachelor’s degree in architecture. In addition to design, we also learned a lot of theoretical knowledge and communication skills with others in this course. So, I think my choice to study urban design was a wise choice. At the same time, I will remember these design skills in time and apply them to my design works.

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