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Icebreaker: The Dynamic Intersection of Architecture and Urban Design”

When I was a kid and my parents took me around different cities during my summer vacations, I used to wonder how each city looks and feels different from the other, how there is a sense of culture even though we are only a few hundred kilometers apart, and how this culture is made up of people with different mindsets and backgrounds that drive a certain level of growth in the city. I got increasingly interested in how cities organize and construct their components, structures, roads, and landscapes as I grew older. Aside from academics, my school provided a variety of extracurricular activities, including arts and crafts, which piqued my interest in constructing buildings. The goal of earning admission to a top architecture college led me to work hard throughout my school years. There was no going back after that, and I decided to pursue a career in architecture. Being welcomed into the realm of architecture as a novice with minimal design experience taught me how to visualize spaces via model-making talents. Academic life in architecture introduced me to a whole new manner of learning. With the purpose of minimizing circulation space while bringing interior components closer together, the circulation plan was designed with a hierarchy of open areas and visual links between individuals in mind.

A few months into my bachelor’s degree, I attended an ICHH (International Conference on Human Habitat) and MOSAIC conferences held by our college. As an aspirational student, I would always participate in all our college’s elective workshops. My five years of bachelor’s education, combined with internships and other freelance and professional experience, have shaped my mind’s intent, resulting in a diverse set of technical knowledge, abilities, and confidence that will serve me well when I take the big step and study abroad, eventually leading me to the United Kingdom to pursue a Masters in urban design. Throughout my urban design studies, I have appreciated the emphasis the course places on designing urban contexts. I feel that this will increase our understanding of urban design in all its forms while also fostering critical thinking abilities and assisting me individually in positioning myself within the design world.

Throughout my studies in architecture and urban design, I acquired a strong interest in child-friendly cities and the interaction of this with history inside urban spaces. This year, I intend to delve into this junction and how it may inspire and educate modern life and design. In a word, my journeys in architecture and urban design have always been intertwined. It’s where imagination meets the exterior of a city, ambitions meet reality, and dreams collide with human experiences. It’s a continual process of creating configurations that nourish, inspire, and make people blissful.

“Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent forms assembled in the light.” Le Corbusier


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