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Published by Georgina Walker on 20 October 2023


I am in my final year at Newcastle University studying on the Master of Architecture course. The Urban Design modules were my chosen elective route as part optional specialism. During my urban design studies, I have enjoyed the importance the course places on theoretical reading. I believe this will build our knowledge on urban design in the past, present and future opportunities, whilst also developing critical thinking techniques and aid us as individuals to place ourselves within the design world.

During my studies on both the architecture and urban design courses, I have developed a keen interest into child friendly cities and the intersection between this and heritage within the urban space. This year I hope to explore this intersection and how it can influence and inform life and design today.


‘One cannot make architecture without studying the condition of life in the city’

(Aldo Rossi)


These interests are what inspired me to study urban design, and to also encourage me as a designer to consider my designs at a wider scale. Understanding the urban environment, I believe is critical in creating successful architectural interventions and proposals within a site. Therefore, it was important for me in my career to weave this into my architectural studies and widen my knowledge.


‘There is no logic that can be superimposed on the city; people make it, and it is to them, not buildings, that we must fit our plans’

(Jane Jacobs)


Within my urban design studies this semester I am looking forward to playing a role within the Urban Design Blog and put forward my own thoughts towards some of the topics we will cover. The Child Friendly Cities and Healthy Neighbourhoods planned lectures are of initial interest to me as topics. I am keen to read around these topics and contribute a blog post on these ideas. Both matters prioritise a people centred approach and this is something I am an advocate for in my career.

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