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It’s already been three months till I came to Newcastle and already done with stage one, but still it feels like first day when I landed here wasn’t sure whether I’ll be able to do this or not.

My journey till now is full of highs and lows, still remember the first lecture where we were briefed about the whole course and when I checked the modules it says we are supposed to write blogs and with zero idea how to do it got panicked.


Starting a blog was a new experience for me because I had never tried to post written content in an online forum related to my field of study before. As far as using blogs for learning goes, I think this semester has been incredibly helpful for me. Writing helped me to make sense of my ideas and come to conclusions, while reading the words of others expanded my perspective and provided me with fresh ideas.

By sharing my insightful opinions and research results, blogging has greatly benefited my understanding of urban design. It has also helped me with my design process, where I have used key ideas that my friends have written on a variety of subjects. I learned vital components and significant precedent analysis from the blog postings, which I could use to my design throughout my evaluations and submissions. By providing in-depth analyses, case studies, and design concepts, bloggers foster shared knowledge bases and promote ongoing learning and advancement within the urban design community.


In addition to starting a blog for the first time, there are a lot of other firsts I’d like to share from my life, like seeing snowfall. The scene that met my eyes as soon as I stepped out my room was the snow dancing through the air, twirling and pirouetting like beautiful feathers. It was going to be my very first-time seeing snow! I was so excited to feel the enchantment of the falling flakes. Played in the snow with my friend which will always be one of the greatest memories for my whole life.


Overall, this blogging module has strengthened my critical thinking and writing skills and given me more confidence to voice my own opinions and engage in dialogue with others. I gained a lot from it, and it was a terrific test of my abilities. I’ll do all in my power to continue learning in this manner and work to improve how well I do my assignments the next semester.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that the response resonated with your thoughts and captured the essence of what you wanted to express.

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  1. I’m glad to hear that the response resonated with your thoughts and captured the essence of what you wanted to express.


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