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Reflection and Summary

This semester of my Masters’s program has proven to be a valuable learning experience, particularly through the task of writing a blog. The advantages I obtained from this task were even greater than they were the semester before.

I have to finish the communal housing project for ACR 8069. As I got further along in the design process, I understood how crucial it was to include ideas like co-housing, green infrastructure networks, and pedestrian-friendly settings to guarantee the project’s success. But it soon became clear that simply understanding these ideas wasn’t enough. I had to go into the literature to find methods and tactics for successfully incorporating these concepts into my design. Thus, I embarked on a process that involved choosing relevant topics, collecting information, organizing logical frameworks, and researching case studies. Ultimately, I produced four blogs that documented my course experience, focusing on themes such as green infrastructure, shared communities, pedestrian-friendly environments, and waterfront space design.

My comprehension of the topic and my confidence in my design work have both been greatly impacted by this process of blogging. I learned more about the pertinent literature through comprehensive study, which helped me approach my design assignments with more expertise and assurance. I was able to get ideas and useful insights that influenced my own design choices by looking at case studies and analysing effective use of these concepts. This thorough investigation not only deepened my understanding but also improved my capacity to explain and explain the significance of these topics in my profession.

Writing the blogs also allowed me to reflect, which helped me organise my ideas and explain my design philosophy. I developed my capacity to synthesise difficult information and convey it clearly and effectively as I dug deep into the literature and engaged in critical analysis. In my design approach, this habit of thinking and expression has been really helpful because it allows me to successfully share my ideas with clients and partners.

In conclusion, the task of writing blogs this semester has been immensely beneficial. It not only deepened my understanding of relevant research but also enhanced my design work. Through this process, I have gained valuable insights into the implementation of concepts such as green infrastructure, shared communities, pedestrian-friendly environments, and waterfront space design. This experience has not only expanded my knowledge base but also improved my ability to critically analyze, synthesize information, and effectively communicate my design rationale. As I move forward in my Masters’s program and beyond, I am confident that the skills and insights gained through this blog writing exercise will continue to contribute to my growth as an urban designer.

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