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Reflection of my experience of writing a blog

The thought of Writing a blog always fascinates me. As I have an architecture background and during my bachelor‘s day in college, I have so many interesting topics and debates to think about and write about. But, due to a lack of information and guidance, I never got an opportunity to write my thoughts in the form of a blog. When I came to know that during my master‘s, we have a module where we have to write blogs, I got excited and overwhelmed. Because I never write a blog before, I was very careful with the words and information I am writing in my icebreaker. As columns are for public reading and giving any information to a large group of people without legibility and reference is wide of the mark.

One of the many advantages I figured out for myself is that when I choose the topic for writing a blog I got to know my field of interest, for example, my past two blogs are related to street, pedestrian, and public space, which eventually bend my interest toward transportation and planning of the city. The second and most important benefit I feel is the abundance of information. As just like me my coursemates are also written blogs, I came to know many different perspectives of budding urban designers. One of the many significant things is that I came to know about different nationalities and their culture, through their fellow representatives.

During the time of my first and second blog posts, I was very sure about what I am going to write about. However, during my last blog, I became selective regarding my topic of interest because I want to discuss something I learned during my first semester. I talked and discuss my topic with my coursemate to know their perspective and to take feedback. Because I feel that it is very important to know the reader‘s viewpoint.

Speaking about the difficulties, I face mostly revolve around supporting literature studies. Because, if I want to write about anything I need to be very careful with the proper references and credits. Also, I studied keenly how many people already talk or write about my blog topic, so that I can make the structure of my blog more engaging. The second problem I face is, finalizing the main theme of my blog, which is a tough call for me. As I am interested in transportoriented design (TOD), I need to be careful while picking up a theme that goes effectively with the topic and sounds interesting.

During my blog writing session, writing it for the very first time was challenging but at the same time, it motivates me to develop new ideas and allows me to write them down efficiently in the field of urban design. Nevertheless, Prof. Dilans periodic suggestions and guidance helped me to write and think better eventually. And I am delighted to comprehend that I will continue writing and, reading blogs.

On the last note, I feel delighted and satisfied that my work is being published on the university website, and getting praised by my mentor and fellow coursemates.

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