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Reflection on being a blogger

This module has been a fascinating experience so far. I had no idea what to expect when this module was originally presented because I had never published a blog. Writing is not one of my own strengths, so this was kind of a learning curve for me. The lectures we attended and the variety of subjects that were covered weren’t only intriguing; they also related to the other modules I was taking. Each professor provided a fresh perspective to the lectures (for instance, in the way they delivered) and covered a variety of subjects. Coming to each lecture was incredibly exciting because the interactions were unique.

When it came time to write our blogs, especially the icebreaker, I was quite nervous, but after I realised how to construct it and how the website functioned, it was a lot easier. When I was writing my blogs, I found the response from the icebreaker to be quite helpful.

My two blogs were unexpectedly enjoyable to write because I was able to pick a subject from our lectures and focus on a certain aspect of it. Because of my modules, it was difficult to go more in-depth because the time I selected was closer to my deadlines. This forced me to prioritise what needed more of my attention. One piece of advice I would provide to new learners is to be mindful of your deadline and make decisions accordingly. Additionally, I think it would have been simpler if we had known the overall scope of each topic so that we could have better prepared. Since some people might select lectures that are more recent in their memories over the ones they prefer. Positively, the blogs I wrote enabled me to research areas of the subject that piqued my interest.

Making comments was beneficial since it gave us a chance to review and judge the blogs of our classmates. Due to the vast range of issues, my colleagues explored and the various case studies they looked into; this was highly formative. It was also a method for us to critique one another’s work and gain inspiration for our own blog posts. By conducting our own study to either support or criticise their work, we were able to be more critical as a result of the comment.

Overall, this module was different from my undergrad and other urban design modules, but it was incredibly enjoyable to do. I was introduced to blogging, something I had never done before, and it gave me more self-assurance about the subject I was going to talk about. This was quite interesting, and if it had been organised a little better, my experiences might have had a been bit better.

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