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Reflection Summary

Blog regularity:

  1.  The operation is simple, the information release is convenient, and it takes a lot of money, time, and energy to conceive a good blog. Publishing simplification improves everyone’s interest in editing.
  2. Strong interactive communication, high professionalism, can communicate with other bloggers in real time, and get comments in time. It is both media and blogger, which can well combine media communication and interpersonal communication, and spread through the network connection between blogs to amplify the communication effect.
  3. Because the new content in the blog is generated too fast, if the bloggers do not pay attention to the published information in time, it is likely to be buried in the massive information.

As the semester comes to an end, I look back and realize that I have gained a lot this year. I am glad that I have met many students in this department and learned a lot. However, my ability to adapt and learn still needs to be strengthened, and I have not yet kept up with other students. Perhaps my progress is small compared to other students, but it is my progress.

Firstly, I have gone from being a new student who knew almost nothing about blogging to someone who enjoys reading articles and posting my own ideas, and I have found some ways to learn about technology (probably only useful for myself).

Secondly, I have broadened my knowledge and encounter many new things, concepts, technologies, and ideas, and I have been baptized and had several “brainstorming” sessions. There is still a lot of knowledge that I have yet to understand and accept, so I need to improve it slowly in further study. Some of the ideas in my head are also slowly changing.

In the end, many skills have improved, such as the ability to learn on my own and the ability to learn technology. Perhaps there are still some improvements that I am not aware of myself, remembering what Plato once said, “We know much about the external world, but we hardly know ourselves.”

My biggest feeling during this course is that what you study carefully on your own is much more impressive in your mind than what others teach you.I think that in fact learning whether it is theoretical knowledge or technical knowledge they are all related to each other, and many of the methods of learning theoretical knowledge are also applicable in technical learning if you adapt them a little.

Lastly, I hope that I can continue to use the blog in the future to learn and exchange ideas with my classmates, so that I can gain insights from them and make progress in my thinking.

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