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In this synopsis, I’d want to briefly describe my entire adventure. I must describe how I discovered the new topic based on my interests and how I conducted my research this semester. This semester, I picked up a few new skills that will be useful in the future.

In comparison to the previous semester, this semester was entirely different. The Gateshade location and the Ouseburn valley were introduced to us this semester. The location and its setting were both visited on the first day of the module. The hardest element of the design was having to create a township in the middle of all the industrial areas on the site.

Between semesters, we had the chance to travel to Cambridge’s Marmalade Lane. That was such a beautiful experience, and on the basis of that, the research continues. One form of housing society that provides inspiration for designing housing societies is Marmalade Lane. In mid review, the juror provided me with some really helpful remarks after our first review. I’ve read a few books to acquire a feel for the affordable housing.

This issue was tough since the site conditions in Ouseburn Valley were unfavourable and there were some existing buildings. I finally made a physical model in this lesson, some three years after I was given the opportunity. My understanding of my design and site topography improved thanks to the physical model.

I recalled that I had published a blog post based on my work on adaptive reuse of buildings during my around three years ago bachelor’s semester. Additionally, I had the opportunity to visit Srilnaka in 2017 and was able to observe several of Geoffrey Bawa’s well-known works. I was inspired by these memories to create a blog post based on the vernacular architectural style..

I view blogging as a tool for communicating ideas, facts, and experiences with a large audience. Compared to the previous semester, this voyage was incredibly intriguing. In this subject, I looked into subjects that fascinate me. I started this semester’s blog with a post about my hometown before attempting to look at architecture from various angles.

It was challenging to find a blog topic in between semesters, but my housing module gave me some ideas. I have studied computation design and have included a tiny amount of parametric structure in my “Urban design code” course. I read a book on parametric architecture as a foundation for this.

I experienced many ups and downs on my voyage and attempted something new that I had never done. I developed myself, improved my writing, and broadened my perspectives during my blogging career. It developed into a platform for global communication, education, and self-expression.

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