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Reflective overview

An innovative learning experience

 Since this was my first attempt at writing a blog , I was both excited and nervous when I first discovered the blog course. In addition , I had no idea how to produce a captivating blog or post. I took my time gathering facts and structing the wording for my first blog post. I sincerely appreciate Luke, my  tutor. He explained to us in class how to add the cover and title , both of which are still challenging for newcomers. I feel as though I’m missing the point when I write essays. I can now sense how difficult it is to keep those online blogs updates based on my experiences this semester . Most of the time, I just browse . I discovered that blogging improved my logic towards the conclusion of the semester . However , the act of gathering books can also help me focus better.

Obstacles and Motivation 

This blogging thing is new to me . When I was done, I had a feeling of success. Everybody has a distinct quantity of first experiences, in my opinion . This semester, I have blogging as a course and a requirement that I must fulfil. But I’ve discovered that writing a blog has also helped me be more patient. I might not have had the strength to complete writing or might have taken a long time . Even thought I moved to Newcastle four months ago and have completed stage one, I still feel as though I was unsure when I first arrived whether I would be to complete this.

I had never tired to upload written material in an online forum relevant to my field of study , so starting a blog was a new experience for me.  In terms of blogging  for learning. I believe that this semester has  been really beneficial for me . Writing enabled me to organise my thoughts and draw conclusions, while reading other people’s writing broadened my horizons and gave  me new ideas.

Blogging has helped me understand urban design much better by allowing me to share my intelligent thoughts and research findings. It has also aided me in the design process , since I have utilized important concepts from articles written by my friends on a range of topics . The blog  entries taught me important elements and important precedent analysis that I could apply to my design throughout my evaluations and submissions, Bloggers facilitate the exchange of knowledge and encourage continuous learning and progress within the urban design community by offering comprehensive analyses ,case studies , and design proposals.

An Experience to share 

Overall , this blogging programme has improved my writing and critical thinking abilities and give me greater courage to express my own thoughts and converse with others. It was a great test of my skills and I learned a lot from it .I’ll make every effort to keep learning in this way and strive to get better at completing my tasks the following semester.

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