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Reflective Summary

To be honest, I have gradually gotten used to blogging, and I really enjoy the process. I think blogging is similar to keeping a diary, but the difference is that diaries are just for recording my life, while blogging helps me improve. What I mean is, through blogging, I can review my learning process and discover my shortcomings. It’s a meaningful activity, and it’s what I’m currently doing.

  • Starter blog

We have many courses related to blogging. I need to collect cases based on my understanding of the course knowledge to output what I’ve learned. In short, a blog is my output. In the process of outputting, my understanding of the course material deepens, I learn about more cases, and I gain a more comprehensive understanding of some theories. More importantly, I can read other students’ blogs, which exposes me to a variety of novel viewpoints and helps broaden my way of thinking. Sometimes, understanding from different cultural backgrounds seems novel to me, making each course task particularly interesting. I often learn a lot from other students’ blogs, including brand new viewpoints and novel examples that I’ve never heard of. It feels like treasure hunting, and I love this process.

  • Learn from blogs

What interests me most is the part about children’s public spaces. From it, I have learned about excellent examples of children’s public spaces around the world. These examples fully reflect the designers’ consideration of every detail of children’s play areas, including road traffic, safety, and some color designs even involving child psychology. This made me deeply appreciate the global importance placed on children’s public spaces, and I also feel regret that my hometown lacks many excellent children’s public spaces. I believe that children’s education and cultural experiences should not be overlooked, as they affect children’s health and growth. I hope my studies will enable me to change the situation in my hometown in the future.

  • Finally

Being a non-native speaker has always put immense pressure on me. I’ve always worried that my English proficiency would not support my understanding of the course content. However, after living and studying for these months, I feel I have made progress, and I’m happy when I learn about fields I haven’t understood before. It makes me feel like I’m continuously improving and broadening my horizons.

In summary, I’ve gradually adapted. My reading and writing abilities are improving, and I’m enjoying every day in Newcastle!

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