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Reflective Summary— A New Learning Experience

First Impression

When I first encountered the blog course, I was actually a bit worried because it was my first time trying to write a blog. And I didn’t know how to write an attractive title. I also didn’t pay attention to these details when browsing the internet.


When I wrote my first blog, I spent a lot of time looking for information and organizing the language. During this period, I am also very grateful to my tutors and classmates. They helped me a lot when I have doubts. I really grateful to my tutor, Luke. He told us in class how to add the title, add the cover, these are still difficult for beginners.Among them , I think the most difficult is the blog title. I’m not a good headline writer. I often write essays that feel like I’m missing the point. In this semester’s assignment, I tried to adjust this behavior and separate several subheadings from it.

The experience of this semester has made me feel the difficulty of updating those internet bloggers. I usually just browse. At the end of this semester, I found that blogging made me more logical. At the same time, the process of collecting literature can enhance my concentration.

Challenges and Inspiration

When I was writing my first blog, I found that the content of the first powerpoint was very long, which also included many subheadings of different categories. At the same time, I believed that blog subheadings should also have the ability to catch people’s attention. Because I am not good at choosing titles. I think it is very difficult for me. In the process of searching for reading literature, I often find some partly information. These materials do not fully reflect the central idea of the blog.

Figure1: A person who has a lot of ideas and in a mass. ( picture from Pinterest, 2023)

In the future, I think I will pay more attention to how bloggers create titles and sources of literature while searching the internet. The literature I find so far comes from articles in Google or from the school library. At the same time, I also hope that I can improve my writing skills. Because in the process of writing, I often find that the blog page promote my sentence writing is not easy to understand. But I do not know how to adjust. Finally, I hope to improve my logical thinking ability. I think my logic is easy to loop.


Blogging is a new experience for me. Although the process was painful, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished. In my opinion, everyone has a different number of first experiences. Blogging is a course for me this semester and a task I have to complete. However, I have found that blogging has also improved my patience. If in the past, I may not have enough power to finish writing, or drag on for a long time.

Reference: the daily routine of Sydney  artist, 2023.

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