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Reflective Summary—— A new way of learning

First Contact

After entering the urban design major, I came into contact with the blog production course for the first time. I had never taken a similar course before, and I only published some personal blogs as a hobby. Studying this course is a novel experience for me. I gained a lot of knowledge by participating in the class and communicating with my classmates.


When I first started making a blog, I didn’t know where to start, but remembering the views raised by my classmates and teachers in class, I started collecting information and looking for relevant papers and pictures, as well as some related social hot topics. Finally, I created my first blog. Although it had many shortcomings, it still benefited me a lot.

The class time allocation of this course is relatively free, so I can communicate with my classmates, including group work with classmates from different countries. This has exercised my speaking skills and social skills, and also promoted communication between different viewpoints.

In the process of searching for information and making a blog, I found that the topics I chose overlapped with the content of previous lectures, so while making the blog, I was also able to review these knowledge points, which gave me a better understanding and deeper insights of the knowledge points.


After all, blog is my first contact with course content, so I still have many doubts during the learning process. The first is the readability of the blog. I followed the automatic correction of the machine to modify some vocabulary in my article, but in the end there were still problems with the cohesion of some sentences or paragraphs. I hope I can correct this in the next study.

The second is the citation and reference of the photos in the blog. At the beginning, I didn’t know how to mark their sources. This caused my pictures to lose key information and they were not well connected with the blog. But in later courses, through the teacher’s explanation and studying with my classmates, I gained a deeper understanding of picture citation.

Finally, there is the issue of blog topic selection. The topic I chose is a bit in-depth for me and it is not easy to find related topics and examples. But after many searches, I also mastered some techniques for finding information and quoting them into articles.


Through this course, I have strengthened my understanding of blogging and related professional knowledge. In this course, I learned how to present professional knowledge in a lively way such as blogging, which gave me a new way of understanding professional information.

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