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Reflective summary-Blog for my experience growth semester 2

The time is fleeting, and the blog of the second semester comes to me. Through the study and research of blog in the first semester, I have a better understanding of the importance of blog, which makes me feel that blog can improve my views and give me more suggestions for a project. I can also share my ideas with many people and refer to other people’s good articles and ideas. Let me love writing more Continue to explore, I have basically mastered the basic process and framework of blog writing. During this journey, I like to post my thoughts on social media and comment on my companions.

Different from the first semester

I remember that we were divided into several groups, and each group would have a topic on blog to study. Through discussion, we had different ideas and expressed different views. Finally, the group leader will summarize everyone’s views to report. And it’s a lot easier to have a weekly lecture where the topic of the week is the topic of your blog.

In this semester, we only have two topics to blog about, which seem small, but are actually important, because both topics are related to the project we designed this time. In this study, the research focus of our discussion is community inclusion, sustainability and affordable housing. By refining and deepening the project’s vision, principles, and strategy, this has given me more confidence in the blog and project design to follow.

Challenge and progress

Compared to the first semester, this semester is more critical thinking, but it also brings many challenges. In sustainable affordable housing we need to consider many factors in designing a site, with cultural and ethnic diversity, adults can live together in many different ways. Then there is the desire for place creation, community and interaction, which drives the overall trend of urbanization, pushing space and allowing residents to have community interaction in gyms, office Spaces, in-house bars, media centers and more. Compared with the first semester, it allows me to study and explore the topic of urban design and urban housing more deeply, and express my ideas clearly. It also lets me know the details that we need to pay more attention to in the course of urban design. For example, in the analysis, we must clearly analyze the pedestrian route, car route, bicycle route, including the distance between the design of parking Spaces and the building, etc., better and clear expression, through reading and commenting on other people’s blogs, greatly expand their vision. It’s like a collision of ideas or brainstorming that keeps us thinking and making progress. This is a learning style worth persisting and promoting.


All in all, this course once again exercised my ability to read and summarize articles, and improved my critical thinking. It was an unforgettable course, which was also of great help to my semester project. We also thank our teacher for his help and teaching. I really enjoy the happiness brought by this course. I have never understood the role of this course, and it has greatly helped me now. I am very grateful.

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