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Reflective summary—— Blogging is an interesting experiment for me

My Progress

I have grown up a lot during this period, which is a very precious and unforgettable time for people to acquire more knowledge and skills, broaden their horizons and enhance their independence. During my study abroad, I learned a lot and experienced many challenges and difficulties. I have made many like-minded friends and excellent mentors. They not only give me a lot of help and support in my study, but also give me a lot of care and care in life. These experiences have made me cherish the friendship and teacher-student friendship more, and have also made me more grateful and reciprocating.

The first snow in Newcastle this year, like the confusion in my heart, had accumulated and gradually melted  (Photography from Bin Shan 2023)


Since I started the study abroad blogging course, my study life has changed dramatically. In this article, I would like to share some of my experiences about the study abroad blogging course.

First of all, the study abroad blog course provides me with a brand new learning platform. Through this platform, I can get access to a lot of new knowledge and viewpoints, and have a deeper understanding of the course of urban design. At the same time, this platform also provides me with an opportunity to communicate with international students, so that I can better understand the way of learning and thinking in different cultural backgrounds.

Secondly, the learning style of the study abroad blogging course is very flexible. Compared with traditional classes, the study time of studying abroad blog course is more free, and I can study according to my own schedule and learning progress. In addition, the presentation of the course content is also very diversified, including text, pictures, videos and other forms, which makes it easier for me to understand and master knowledge.

In the process of learning, I met many like-minded classmates and mentors from different countries and backgrounds, with different professional knowledge and experience. Through communication and interaction with them, I not only gained more networking resources, but also expanded my vision and way of thinking.


In the process of learning, I also encountered some challenges and difficulties. For example, the breadth and complexity of the course content once made me feel very stressed. However, through communication and discussion with teachers and classmates, I gradually found a suitable learning method for myself, overcame difficulties and made progress. The blogging course has opened up a whole new world of learning for me and greatly improved my knowledge, skills and vision. I believe this course will have a profound impact on my future academic and professional career.


In short, the study abroad blog course provides me with a valuable learning opportunity and platform. Through this platform, I not only learned a wealth of knowledge, but also made many like-minded friends and excellent mentors. I believe that these experiences will become valuable assets in my life and will have a positive impact on my future development.The blogging course also helped me establish self-directed and lifelong learning habits. The flexibility and autonomy of this course require me to conduct in-depth study and exploration according to my own needs and interests, which stimulates my thirst for knowledge and enthusiasm for learning.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank Luke, the teacher of the blogging course, who used a variety of teaching methods, including video, pictures, text, etc., to make it easier for me to understand and grasp the knowledge. At the same time, he also focuses on cultivating students’ practical operation ability and innovative thinking, so that I can better apply what I have learned to practical scenarios, and also benefit me a lot.


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