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Reflective summary- Constant Learning

Constant Learning

Urban design class has changed my perspective on how to shape the city into a better place. With the modernist approach during the post-World War II, architects are known for designing without considering the people and the final user. Breaking the architects’ stigma is a must. After joining this class, I have learned a lot about what to consider in designing the urban fabric in detail. How the design impacts them realistically as well.

Each lecture every week has always inspired me and opened my mind to something new. I always share the lecture back on my social media because I think that the knowledge, I received is worth sharing with my friends. The discussion continued as they commented and gave feedback about their thought on the urban design. I think that is the most important thing in learning, you always receive new ideas and knowledge and keep them ‘flowing’ across the people.

As I used to share ideas on social media, the blog posts were more formal with more professional people interacting with them. The platform might be different in terms of the type of people who interact with them but all of them play an important role in building the environment. The final user is the one who experiences the space while the professional is designing the space. To fill the gap, creating a space for a platform to throw ideas and experiences can tackle urban issues.

Figure 1. Bridging the gap between the user and the professional. (Author’s illustration)

We were assigned group work in the first week. Our task was to organise and sort out the schedule for the blog post date. To be honest, it was really hard to work with many people in 1 group, especially with a small task. Fortunately, we managed to get through it by having a series of discussions and dividing our work equally.

Even though not everyone was following the schedule, the blog post ran smoothly as many of us were constantly posting our writing. It was a fun task to see different topics of writing every week with different perspectives, experiences and cultures. I think that this blog post is a great approach to spreading knowledge while discussing the idea with people all over the world. To get more interaction, I suggest introducing this blog post to another urban design school across the UK to have a wider idea and connection.

Figure 2. Heavy traffic on Bukit Jalil Highway, Malaysia, during peak hour. (Author’s photograph)

Knowledge Good
This class has developed my new passion towards urban design including critical argument. I hope this writing can be as a reference and be applied in the future. Even though it is debatable, the important thing is the process. The discussion of ideas that make people think and aware of urban issues. By pursuing my new passion, I wish to use all the knowledge that I have learned here to contribute back to the community. Especially to my country to create better urban planning for my hometown.

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