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Reflective Summary: Journey so far

Journey so far

As a creative person, we always try to broaden our mindset. Further down the professional road, the mind got stuck somewhere between the subjects we study.

As an architect, we though we’re exploring so much about personal interests. Understanding the needs and habits of a person to design the best form of space for them to live, work, or explore. But somewhere down the line, we completely forgot about the outside world. The spaces needed for people, their daily life and mental health.  How being stuck in a room wasn’t a problem till Covid, and the importance of freedom to walk in a street.

With this thought, I had decided to explore the subject of Urban Design. Not that they did not teach us how to design the outdoor areas. But the in-depth study, the questioning of spaces, pushing for ideas to make a simple outdoor situation interesting enough for people to approach was lacking. And I’m glad I picked up this course, because all that was lacking, has been shown a direction.

Fig 1: Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson

First impression

When I started this course, I was abruptly questioning the methods of teaching. Everyone is  giving several information, a lot of knowledge, case studies are being taught. Examples of better urban streets were shown. But the information on how to transform outside spaces into Urban design spaces wasn’t being taught.

It was not until the end of semester, one realises the importance of all the papers, case studies, and lectures. The ideas of Urban designers, the importance of history of cities, all these failed examples, only to come up with the best possible solution for your given street.

The thing to realise from this was that there isn’t just one solution to a failed street, park, or any outdoor space. There needs to be a study of the place, demands of public, day to day requirement of people of all ages. With all the information, extensive precautions, and failed examples, one needs to implement design ideas depending upon the requirements of that place and the people.


As an international student, it was slightly difficult to adjust to the different levels of teaching and learning. But more importantly, it was the adjustment with day to day life, weather and the demands of the course.

There were modules, I did not seem to give importance to, subjects apart from design, felt unnecessary, until I decided to turn to them when the time came to put down my final design.

Even writing blog posts, didn’t make any point until I had to write and explain my design theories, and then it all made sense.


As the course progressed throughout the months, I appreciated each discussion, analysis, and evaluations given by the lecturers and my peers. Because it is these small things that has helped broaden my thinking, pushing me to design spaces, I’ve not designed before, helping me to learn a subject in the most productive way.


Fig 1: Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Available at

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