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Reflective Summary ——Learning and exploring: My growth in blogging

This semester, I have learned more about the importance and usefulness of blogs thanks to the study of the blog course.Blog is not only a platform to show one’s talent and spread knowledge and opinions, but also an important channel to communicate and interact with others. Through blogging, I can share my thoughts, insights and ideas with more people, and at the same time, I can draw knowledge and wisdom from others’ articles. This two-way communication and interaction makes me love blog writing even more and inspires me to continue exploring and creating.

Deep Expansion of Thinking Skills

The blogging course has not only helped me to gain in writing, but also to expand my thinking skills. Through this programme, I started to pay more attention to the world around me, learnt to think from different perspectives, and understood different people’s viewpoints and positions. I have learnt to use logical thinking and critical thinking to analyse and solve problems, which has enabled me to be more comprehensive and in-depth in my thinking, and better able to grasp the essence and key points of issues.

Overall Expansion of Breadth of Knowledge

During the blogging course, I was exposed to a wide range of knowledge and information. By reading and analysing other people’s blog posts, I have learned about different fields of knowledge and opinions, and broadened my knowledge horizons. At the same time, I also learnt how to collect and organise information, and how to filter and identify valuable content. These abilities not only help my writing, but also have a positive impact on my study and life.

Significant Improvement in Personal Growth

Participating in the blogging course has helped me to know myself more deeply. I learnt how to think independently, how to express my views and ideas, and how to communicate and interact effectively with others. These abilities not only make me more comfortable in writing, but also make me more confident and relaxed in my daily life. At the same time, I have learnt how to face challenges and difficulties, and how to persistently pursue my goals. These qualities will accompany me into the future and make me more courageous in facing all the challenges in life.


All in all, I have benefited greatly from the learning experience of this blogging course. I have not only improved my writing skills and thinking ability, but also broadened my knowledge and realised my personal growth. I have a deeper understanding of the value and meaning of blogging, and I am full of love and expectation for blog writing. I believe that in the days to come, I will continue to blog, keep learning and improving, and share more good blogs with you!

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