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Reflective Summary-My Learning and Reflections

Blogging this semester has become a way for me to get away from my heavy drafting assignments. Although blogging itself is not seen as a relaxing activity, it has allowed me to get away from the complexities of operating computer software and allowed me to think and write in peace. Through blogging, I have had the opportunity to explore topics related to urban design and architecture in greater depth, enabling me to express my thoughts and opinions clearly and accurately.

Personal Growth

Compared to the tender writing of last term’s blogs, I think I am getting better at it this term. In terms of choosing topics, each blog is a reflection and exploration of a specific topic, and I try to analyse the theme from different perspectives.

Writing is a dialogue with myself

During the process of blogging, I realised that writing is a process of deep thinking. Every time I start writing a blog, I’m not just expressing some information, but I’m having a dialogue with myself about what point I want to make, what angle I want to take, what arguments I have to back it up and so on. This allows me to understand my own point of view better and to constantly refine and improve it. By going through everyone’s blogs on the platform and reading the comments people give me from time to time, I often gain new inspiration and understanding in them.

What I have learnt

In addition, my travels in Norway and Iceland profoundly changed my perspective. I benefited from the stunning scenery of Norway and the rugged terrain of Iceland. In Iceland, I was also fortunate enough to experience ice diving and climbing a blue ice cave. These trips not only ignited my passion for exploration, but also taught me how to face difficulties and adapt to different environments. Through these experiences, I have gained a greater appreciation for the beauty of nature and a greater respect for the diversity of different cultures.

My time studying at Newcastle is also coming to an end, and I have gained friendships and am grateful for the help of my fellow students and the teaching of my teachers. In the future, I look forward to continuing to utilise the blogging platform to record my learning and reflections, as well as to share my insights and experiences with others. I believe that through continuous thinking, writing and communication, I will be able to become a better version of myself.

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