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Reflective summary—- New experience in semester 2

Reflecting on Last Semester

Compared to last semester, my mentality has changed a lot in writing blog in this semester. I am no longer a complete novice, and I have developed a new understanding in urban design which i studied. These changes have helped me easily express my ideas more clearly and confidently in my blog posts.


Small Aspirations

Last semester, my blog is not very good, there is still a big gap compared with others. Therefore, before starting this semester’s blogs, I set a small goal for myself: to avoid repeating past mistakes what i made, and make my blogs more logical to ensure the citation formats are more standardized.


New Courses and New Growth

This year, Instead of choosing from a set list of topics for our blogs, we delve deeply into topics related to our project designs. I think that this is very beneficial to help me organize my thoughts on the design project what i chose and reflect my viewpoint in the final review. Additionally, because I am writing blogs related to my project, my preliminary research has become more targeted, making my blog content more focused and readable.

When i comment my classmates’ blogs, I have gradually learned to consider different perspectives and identify potential shortcomings in their viewpoints, rather than just agreeing with their standpoint. Different people’s blogs address various design directions, which helps me think about problems from multiple angles and keeps my thinking more dynamic. I believe these gains will help me overcome new challenges in my future studies.


Gains and Reflections

With the upload of the final blog post, I have completed two-thirds of my postgraduate studies and my study life is nearing the end. Looking back over the past few months, I have experienced joy, excitement, anxiety, and sadness. In Newcastle, I have gained new friendships and knowledge, becoming more fulfilled as well. When I was very young, I vowed to “be the best in my field.” Now, I can’t say I’ve achieved the best, but I think I have become better than before.

This has been a very memorable period of study, and this course has gradually made me enjoy blogging. I think I will keep up this habit and continue sharing my views with everyone.

Thanks to my teachers, classmates, and roommates for giving me an unforgettable time! Everything I gain from my blog will become my precious wealth. They are not only good helpers for future study and life, but also witnesses of this year’s life. Maybe one day in the future when I open this blog again, I will have new feelings.

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